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      Linear Vibrating Screen

      Usage and Application
      Linear Vibrating Screen is used for screening and classifying materials like grain and powder in the industry of plastic, Abrasive materials, medicine, chemistry, chemical industry, building materials, food, chemical fertilizers, coal and so on.


      Working Principle

      The vibrating screen drives the Vibrating Exciter to produce the vibrating power. The vibrating power throws the materials up and makes the materials move forward in line. It cycles and makes materials sieve. The materials are fed into the input month of vibrating screen, and after screening, users can get different sizes of products, while the unqualified materials on the top and the bottom sieves will be discharged from the their output months.


      Linear vibrating screen is used in the production line, can be operate automatically, Linear vibrating screen has advantages of low consumption, good efficiency, simple structure, and can not produce dust by sealed structure.

      Main Specifications

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