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      What is suitable roll crusher for sale 20 t/h coke crushing plant Ghana?

      Source:www.dieselcrusher.com Author:Great Wall Company Posted:2017-02-14 Views:
      Roll crusher is medium and fine crushing device for middle hardness materials, such as coke, coal, gypsum, limestone, cement and refractory.The crusher roller adopts high abrasion alloy, which greatly improves the service life of wearing parts. Roll crusher is consisted of double roller crusher, three roller crusher, four roller crusher and hydraulic roller crusher. One of our customers wants to buy roller crusher for 20 ton per hour coke crushing plant Ghana, Which is suitable roll crusher for 20 t/h coke crushing plant? What is the technical features of roll crusher for sale ?
      Firstly, we choose the 2PG0806 double roller crusher for 20 t/h roller crusher Ghana, the maximum feeding size is about 40 mm, and the crushed output size range are 0-5 mm and 5-10 mm. the rated motor total power of roll crusher is 37 kw. On the second,Roll crusher gap is adjustable to change the output size range and capacity, and hydraulic system to protect roll crusher from being damaged by hard or unbreakable materials.Last but not least, roll crusher is reliable working performance,low noise and little maintenance cost. More questions on roll crusher installation, operation and maintenance, welcome to contact us online directly!
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