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              What are technical features of cone crusher in stone crushing plant?

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              As is well known, spring cone crusher one of the most historical stone crushers in crushing plant. Along with the cone crusher fast development in stone crushing plant,there are also some advanced types cone crushers for selection, such as HCC hydraulic cone crusher, HPC hydraulic cone crusher and CZS high efficient cone crusher. The CZS high efficient cone crusher is also called symons cone crusher in abroad crushing plant, the common using models are 3 feet cone crusher, 4 1/4 cone crusher, 5 1/2 cone crusher and 7 cone crusher. What are technical features of cone crusher in stone crushing plant? 
              1.Customers can choose different cone crusher crushing cavities according to materials feeding size and fineness in crushing plant, there are four crushing cavity types for choosing, for instance fine type, medium type, coarse type and extra coarse type.
              2.Unique dust proof and sealing structure prolong cone crusher wearing parts service life and reduce lubricants replacement cost in stone crushing plant.
              3.Long crushing arm of cone crusher, which ensures the convenient operation and strong crushing capacity in stone crushing plant. 
              4.Cone crusher is excellent performance in medium and fine crushing process, low production cost and fast investment returns
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