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                  Why select 4 1/4 symons cone crusher for 200t/h crushing plant Malawi?

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                  Cone crusher is one of the best selling secondary stone crusher in crushing plant, our customers are interested in 4 1/4 Symons cone crusher for 200 ton per hour basalt crushing plant Malawi.4 1/4 Symons cone crusher is the abbreviation of 4 1/4 feet symons cone crusher, which is equal to Great Wall CZS51 symons cone crusher. Because our cone crusher is named after the movable cone diameter in terms of inches. As experienced cone crusher manufacturer, Great Wall Company produces the series of cone crusher models for different production requirements, such as CZS36 cone crusher, CZS51 cone crusher, CZS66 cone crusher and CZS84 cone crusher. 
                  Why should we select 4 1/4 symons cone crusher for 200 t/h basalt crushing plant in Malawi ? Firstly, we clear about that cone crusher is more suitable for hard rocks crushing plant than hammer crusher, impact crusher and roll crusher. On the second, CZS36 cone crusher capacity can only reach 150 ton per hour, which is not qualified for 200 t/h basalt crushing plant. Thirdly, Comparing with PYZ1750 spring cone crusher, CZS51 symons cone crusher is not only higher crushing efficiency but also lower production cost. If you want to get more specification and price of CZS symons cone crusher, welcome to consult with us online, we will reply on you catalog, price list, delivery time, payment terms via email for reference as soon as possible.
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